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I was not available for a while and didn't upload anything.

But, I didn't die, so I'll make some new things in the future.

I miss you so much, friends.
...they don't have a clue. :D

I'm sharing a little story which happened to me.

My uncle visited us yesterday. He's a 30 years old young man who just finally started to work 5 months ago. He told us that there's a gay man at his workplace who likes him and always makes hints about that he has a crush on my uncle.

My uncle said that this is very strange to him and he doesn't like the situation, because of the gay man. I said that I don't like either when men are after me (it happens even though I don't consider myself an attractive woman. Well, I don't really consider myself a woman at all. I'd rather be agender who is attracted to women), and it would be cooler if women were interested in me.

It's not the first time I tell him things which would be obvious to anyone that I am a lesbian, but he just really couldn't get it. It's so hilarious. :D
:iconbonnino: tagged me, and I thought this was a good idea to do.


1) Post these rules.
2) Post 8 facts about your character.
3) Tag 8 other characters.
4) Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

I'm gonna do a double meme, because it'll be about my babies, Joy and Zack.

1.) They are the children of a black woman and a white man, both with the last name of Brooks (because why not). Unfortunately, the parents died when the siblings were 7 and 11 years old (Zack is the older). Two years later, they were adopted by a man who had an important role in the government, politics and military of their country.

Together by AlcatrazBlack

2.) Joy is the hot-tempered one and Zack is the cool-headed one.

To Be Or Not To Be by AlcatrazBlack

3) Joy's got scars on her body and face because of a childhood incident and because she took part in a lot of fights (not as a child, of course)

4) Even though Zack killed several people (because it was his duty), he's actually a goodhearted guy with a sense of justice. That's why Joy thinks he's weak. :D

5) Joy is an excellent dancer, she knows lots of them. When she dances with a partner, she always takes the dominant role. Zack has no talent for dance (like Commander Shepard, but that's another character from another story).

6.) Zack never had serious relationships with women, only short ones, because he doesn't want to attach himself to anyone, knowing he or his partner can die any day in the war.

On the other side, Joy fears intimacy and sexuality, so she doesn't have boyfriends. Only friends.

7.) Zack loves water and sea, and those related like sailing, swimming, diving. Being in the water gives him a mixed feeling of excitement and safety. His favorite feeling.

8.) Joy gives nicknames to her torture instruments. She treats them like they were her precious stuff (lol). She also counts how many people she killed and/or tortured. It's not a small number, I can say. (Zack disapproves of her actions, but he can't do anything against it. It's a cause of constant debate and fight between them. XD)

I tag:

:iconbirdcherryerica: with Regor

:iconagaiab: with Cody

I don't know any other characters. Right now.

You don't have to follow the rules.

You don't have to do the meme if you don't want to.

That's it.

I was not available for a while and didn't upload anything.

But, I didn't die, so I'll make some new things in the future.

I miss you so much, friends.


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